Homeopathy has had bad press recently.  This for me is very distressing. 


I am not a qualified Homeopath.  I cannot claim to have done much research into it. 


My writings come only from my experience.   


My experience is only one of complete success. 


As I have said in My Story on this website,  the starting point for my recovery was with my friend who happens to be a homeopath.


Without my initial visit to her I am convinced I would not have become well at all.  I would still be dependant on extremely strong painkillers and anti-inflammatories. 


I was in the depths of despair and saw no way forward. 


Each time I had a Lupus flare my body was becoming more and more disabled.  Myself and my husband felt that if things continued, that I would end up being confined to a wheelchair. 


Something needed to change. 


In my opinion the reason for the success of my treatment was the holistic approach.  Treating me as a whole person and not just knocking my symptoms on the head with toxic man-made chemicals. 


When I paid for my fee to have a consultation, this gave me the ability to let my therapist Janet have one whole hour and a half to understand exactly why I had arrived there. 


My frequent visits to the doctors surgery were woefully inadequate for the purpose. I had a full seven minutes to tell them about all the multitude of symptoms I was feeling.  However, in actuality I never did give all the symptoms because I always felt that the doctor was sure to think of me as a hypochondriac.  There were too many and varied symptoms.  I would only tell him about the most recent and difficult symptoms. 


In talking to me for that one and a half hour first consultation the homeopath was able to begin to get a picture of why I became ill in the first instance.


Her first observation was that although she didn't know the reason why, she felt that there were heavy metals in my body.  By listening to my symptoms fully she felt this was the cause of my pain. At least it was her first inclination.


Janet wanted firstly to clear my system of any heavy metals and chemicals.  She had not received all of my varied history at that point. She would need to see me again to get a full picture but for the time being there was the suspicion that I needed to completely detox.


She advised me to take some quite difficult medicines.  They were 

Psyllium Husk, Powdered Charcoal and Bentonite Clay.  Not too pleasant to take. Also, a tincture of Milk Thistle. This was for a start and she also gave me one or two homeopathic remedies that she felt would help.


I was warned that the treatment period would take approximately one month for every year that I had been sick.


Do you know, she was right.


In the mean time between treatments I began to look into herbal medicine and from that point onwards I have never looked back. 


I will not lie and say that I am completely cured.

My bad times since that point have been the winters. I struggle with the cold and seem to still suffer SADS.  I have learnt recently that vitamin D3 should help with this.  


I still need to see Janet but see her more now as my counsellor.  I go to her with concerns I have or if I am just struggling generally.  If necessary she will give any thing in the way of medicine that would support me.


I am always learning of new ways to help support my system.


I will always be indebted to Janet for my first and subsequent visits to her clinic.