In Heaven with Aromatherapy








Aromatherapy has become my comfort.  My little luxury. 

In actuality aromatherapy is everybit as much of a medicine to the broken soul and body of a person suffering the effects of Lupus.


There are many benefits of actually investing in an aromatherapy massage.

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system, which in turn assists your body in naturally releasing toxins.
  • Relieve stress and relaxation
  • Encourage a healthy immune system
  • Increase the nourishment and oxygen to the tissues easing muscular aches and pains and helping with fatigue.
 Ultimate relaxation

It is not necessary to go to a professional to take advantage of using aromatherapy oils.


It is wonderful just to learn about the therapeutic benefits and just massage them into your skin or burn them in the house.  Another way to use them is in a wonderful hot or warm bath and just let the oils do their job while you relax and unwind.


However it must be said that oils are medicines and must be used with caution.  It is always good to seek advice of a professional if you have serious underlying health conditions or if you are pregnant.


Here are some of the oils that I enjoy and the reasons why.




Oh this oil!!  Its the best.  Rose oil is a gentle tonic for the heart, with the key to Rose's psychological properties being its effect on the centre of the emotional being. Rose calms and supports the heart helping to restore a sense of well-being. The flower has been considered great in its ability to heal emotional wounds by bringing warmth to the soul.

Rose oil is thought to ease uterine disorders, and to help with irregular or heavy menstruation. It eases frigidity, impotence and insomnia, lifts depression and headaches and its calming properties help with stress related complaints.





A really good oil for anyone who has trouble sleeping due to thoughts that race around ones mind.  It is a gentle sedative and works on the nervous system.  It can help with neuralgia, nervous pains, cramps, insomnia and nightmares.

There seem to be no contra-indications and is safe to use on everyone.

Its main therapeutic properties are that it is, relaxing, tonic, sedative, hypnotic, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

Not a bad list is it?




What a beautiful Oil.  Unfortunately it is a little expensive.   If you can afford it,  it is such a wonderful addition to your aromatherapy collection!

Very often in life we can suffer some really difficult to handle situations.  Ones that mean that we just have to put a smile on and get on. 

We may have suffered a shock or we have had to go through bereavement and suffer the effects of grief.  Often we do not realise the toll this takes on our bodies.  We suffer stress that is often left unaddressed which in turn results in physical ailments and can lead on to more serious health issues.

This is where Melissa can help.  It is one of the best oils for dealing with grief, shock, depression and anxiety.  It is capable of lifting depression and chasing away all those dark thoughts that can creep up on us.

Its main properties are anti-depressant, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, anti viral nervine, sedative and a tonic.

Can't ask for a lot more in an oil!  Melissa is a great all round beneficial oil.



Lavender is an extremely versatile and popular essential oil.  It is widely available and has a reputation for being soothing ,calming and relaxing.

I feel fairly confident in saying that at some time or another all Lupus sufferers will have suffered insomnia.  There is nothing worse than losing sleep night after night and this is where Lavender will help.  

It works as an analgesic, anti-depressant, antiseptic, a sedative ,tonic and a deodorant.  These are a few of its virtues.  

A fine investment for the aromatherapy chest!   



Geranium, with its light,lemon fresh top note is  a generally uplifting and balancing oil.  It is often included in lymphatic drainage massage blends due to its detoxifying capabilites.

It helps to balance the mind and emotions, while stimulating the adrenal cortex and balancing the hormonal system.  Great for those suffering moods swings or menopausal symptoms.

The main therapeutic qualities are, anti-depressant, antiseptic,astringent,deodorant,diuretic,haemostatic, tonic and vulnerary.

Quite a hard working oil I'd say!