Autoimmune Disease and Healthy Eating -Gluten

Posted on 5th March, 2017

GLUTEN - Is it to be avoided only by sufferers of Celiac disease?   What about those suffering Autoimmune disease?  Should it be avoided?


I have to say that throughout twenty two years of managing my own auto-immune disease I have always tried to avoid the subject of Gluten or no Gluten.   


It has always seemed to be a step too far.  Bread flour is a staple and to mess with other alternatives does seem too intricate and bothersome.


I have always tried not to be too obsessed with intake.  The illness itself is hard to manage already as it does affect your life and to take pleasures away seems unnecessarily harsh.(who doesn't love the occasional cake , bagel, doughnut)


However, it is good to be informed of the possible dangers and side effects of Gluten.   Then we can make our own choices.


In my search I have discovered much about so many pitfalls in our diets that can worsen our disease or, dare I say, even cause our illness?


The last blog briefly talked about Aspartame in foodstuffs.  I really have no doubt in my own mind that yes, Aspartame does have immediate and dramatic effects of the health of a person suffering autoimmune disease.


From personal experience I feel that the effect is felt within one or two days or consumption!  We can choose to help ourselves or hurt ourselves, and, I have to say that when I give into the urge to drink a Diet Cola I most certainly do hurt myself!   Without a doubt pain will come and brain fog and all the debilitating symptoms that make up Fibromyalgia and Lupus.  I try to avoid aspartame like the plague but on the odd occasion I seem to excuse it and trust it not to hurt too much then hey presto it never fails!!   Foolish of me I know.


  soo...... back to the Gluten issue. Is it just as harmful?


Frankly?  The answer is yes.  Through experience I truly believe that some Gluten can have a seriously bad effect of our health and well-being.



It seems to be proven that it is highly likely that Gluten can seriously aggrevate or even cause the symptoms of many twenty-first century illnesses. 


It is at least worthy of examination surely?


As usual in my blogs I must reiterate that I am talking through my own experience and limited medical knowledge.


I am diploma trained in Herbalism for my own benefit.  I am an aromatherapist, again for my own use, and I make no claims to be trained in any other medical sciences.


I do however like to point folk to the experts who do know exactly what they are saying.  There are so many opinions and I am just putting some of them out there for you to come to your own conclusions.


One thing that all seem to agree on is that Gluten can and does cause damage and inflammation in the digestive tract. 


For many that are sensitive this can trigger or even cause severe autoimmune problems.   The most commonly known, obviously, is Celiac Disease.


Gluten may not be the cause of your particular autoimmune disease but surely a person with any autoimmune condition needs to give their bodies bucket loads of TLC.  Anything that may cause extra inflammation is not required and to be avoided in order not to aggravate an already struggling immune system.


Bearing in mind that some autoimmune diseases can be life threatening, surely we should be aware of dangers?


Amy Myers MD  has a very clear and extremely informative site that deals with Gluten along side other very useful subjects such as Gut Health and Stress.  Also, other majorley important issues in the battle with auto immune disease


I must say that becoming Gluten free is a bit of a challenge but, with the right pointers, very do-able.   there are many products out there right now in most supermarkets that can help in this regard. Perhaps a little more expensive but what price your health?


For those trying to cook from scratch in a non Gluten way there are many books at the library and in the bookshops explaining the use of different kinds of flour such as Coconut Flour, Teff Flour, Brown Rice Flour and other products that can help in the baking process such as Potato Starch, Xanthum Gum.


Click on this link below for a fabulous website that really helps to start up a Gluten free lifestyle. Especially good if you are disabled and having to manage of a tight budget as the title suggests it is possible to be Gluten free on a Budget.   Happy days!


I would be so happy to have comments from those of you with auto-immune illness of any sort who have found that cutting out Gluten has improved symptoms of the illness.  Also if you have any advise, favourite recipes or tips for those yet to begin a journey of Gluten free living that would be wonderful!


Lets help each other!


My very best regards to all.  









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