Auto-Immune Disease and Healthy Eating

Posted on 16th February, 2017

You have a difficult and potentially life threatening illness.

 Therefore you are likely to be having to depend on a benefit of some sort?


Full time work has been out of the question and you are struggling to pay the bills...of course you are!  How does anyone expect you to eat well?


The benefit barely covers the rent!


Firstly you have no energy!  You are constantly counting your spoons in order to pace yourself and prevent a further flare of this dibilitating illness.    spoonstheory


Cooking any meal, even a simple meal is feeling like you are about to climb a mountain!  or maybe you know that today that mountain climb is just not even an option....


However through your own diligent study on the subject of your health you have learnt that one of the ways to help manange an auto immune disorder is to eat well!  tips on eating well from people that know :-)


We need to understand that just because we dont have lots of money it is still possible to eat well on a budget, enjoy healthy homecooked meals and avoid foods that hurt us.


Shall we firstly examine a small selection the foods that would most definately hurt and and also the reasons why.  Lets do this over the next few blogs.


Lets take first


Aspartame.   One of my pet subjects....why produce aspartame? 

What products contain it?  What does it do to us?

Aspartame is found in many food products such as Diet         drinks,  flavoured syrups i.e the type they may add to        a     latte in a coffee shop.  (Yes I agree...sooo       tempting)  The             list goes on..  Yoghurts, deserts, condiments, meal       replacements, even flavoured waters


What is the harm?

    Aspartame is known to actually produce many of the symptoms associated with auto immune disease.  I know this from bitter experience.  Now....I am gonna hit you with a great long list. I gotta start typing...sorry but there is no other way. The list is long!


Actually no.....its a very long list.  There is no way I am typing it for you.  Gonna be really lazy and refer you to the original author

Dr Janet Hull   

Thank goodness for these people that do all this work for us to enable awareness! A Sweet Poison

have you read this now?   If you didnt read that link please do  It is vital that we inform ourselves!




         Enough said about aspartame!!











Next blog will be on the subject of Gluten!


If you have any stories of helping yourselves by avoiding Aspartame and improving  your health please comment on this blog   We would love to hear your stories!

















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