Posted on 3rd June, 2015


I just want to comment on this article from the Daily Mail.  It is a subject that I feel quite passionate about.



As you may l know I am a herbalist.  


By taking herbs I have managed to turn around the extremely dangerous and life threatening effects of Lupus.


Having had antibodies I was keen to find why out why I had contracted this disease, and how I could find natural ways to control or cure myself of it.


Happily I am now free of the antibodies and am just left with Fibromyalgia and Tietze symptoms if I were to let my nutritional and emotional health slip.


So, herbs? Yes they have cured me from deteriorating and having to live with Lupus.


Cause of illness? It turned out that had I have listened to an allergy specialist, taken his advice, and stayed away from harmful chemicals in food or the environment.  I may not have suffered 12 years of illness.


I was carrying a toxic overload of chemicals that was damaging my body.


In my case, I had been damaged in the work place by using an uncontrolled substance containing Formaldehyde and Tolulene.


It took a lot of effort convincing the medics that conventional treatment for Lupus was in fact the very thing that was harming me.


It is accepted now that as long as I keep a healthy lifestyle and detox regularly I will be relatively healthy and certainly not have the Lupus and Antiphospholipid antibodies that were slowly killing my life cells and draining me of vitality.


The doctors are now supportive with my all holistic approach.

I am not against medicine. Sometimes it is life saving . For was and still is dangerous.


Any way ... that is just my story.


However, it brings me to the debate raging, certainly in Britain, as to whether or not Cannabis should be legal.



All I really want to say is.... make it the same as any other herbal medication...... Regulate it. Make it prescription only via a holistic practitioners.


Why do I say this?


One of the biggest problems with serious illness, such as auto immune diseases, is stress.


I can only comment on my personal experience and twenty years of research.


Any herb will have a certain action.


For instance, some such as chamomile, will calm the stomach when a person is anxious.


Passiflora will calm the mind if a person is stressed and it is affecting the thinking and reasoning.


Withania, as an adaptogen will help the body to cope with ups and downs of life.


Other herbs will detox. Some will support the liver and many others will have other helpful affects on the body systems.


Yet more herbs that are not freely available over the counter but are prescription only will work supremely well. Such as Lobelia, on the respiritory system.


It is a known fact that some people taking Cannabis will become over stimulated.  I would.


This is the effect it would likely have on me...........


I would be really happy on it for a day or two. After a day or two I probably wont sleep. My mind would be too active. Without sleeping for one or two weeks.......I sleep, I would eventually start to hallucinate. My mind would lose correct thinking and I would go into would the medics would say would be a bi-polar episode.


I do not have a diagnosis of bi-polar.


What I do have, is a sensitivity to any chemicals that over stimulate the mind and body. It can be man made or in natural plant. If it stimulates the mind overly and causes tiredness, stress and anxiety it will eventually lead to a health crisis.



Herbs need to be given in a controlled and balanced way so that if cannabis is needed or deemed helpful for pain, at least other herbs can be given that will balance the finely tuned physiological body.