January 2015

Posted on 6th January, 2015

Well!!      Its been a long time since I wrote a blog!     Its been a rough ride this year.  For the first time in around 10 -12 years I actually thought I had got Lupus anti-bodies rearing their ugly head.


They didnt.  Unfortunately though have been suffering quite a lot with Fibromyaalgia costachondritis and other problems well known to auto immune patients.


New Year and New Beginnnings!!!


Lupus will not win.  I will not let it back into my life! 


How will this be possible?  It is said to be incurable!


I have had such a lot of help from all kinds of health professionals.


Having suffered the bereavement of my beloved father this year it has made me realise the real benefit of acknowledging bereavement and grief and the toll it can take on persons health.


The world has become a place full of stress and hardships in  many forms but still it is a place of enormous beauty and people that are very willing and able to show kindness and empathy.


Last year has taught me also to always try to focus on others, to realise that there are always people that are far worse off than ourselves and there are always ways we can improve ourselves and our lives.


How ever small those steps may be they will be positive ones and will cheer those around us.


I would like to thank a couple of natural health practitioners who have particularly helped me through this past year.


One of my many helpers is my Homoeopath Janet Miles.  This is the beautiful lady that first showed me the way to helping myself with this chronic illness.  Without her I am not sure where I would be.  My dependence and reliance on conventional medicine was without question and I believed that this was the only way forward.  With Janets expert and truly professional help I have realised that there is so much more we can do for ourselves.



Another practitioner close to my heart always is Andrea Hughes


Andrea is a lady after my own heart!   On learning from Janet about the possibilities to learn and to help myself I stumbled upon this wonderful world of natural herbal medicine.  http://http://www.sussexherbalist.co.uk//


One of the first treatments administered by Janet was a tincture of Milk Thistle.


What a herb!  Janet first explained to me the importance of a healthy liver.  We are bombarded by toxins on a daily basis.  It seems my toxic overload was at a critical point.  I was getting sicker and sicker and my liver was obviously going down.   It needed help desperately. Every flare would see me get more and more unable to perform the most simple task and my skin was getting more and more oddly tinge with a kind of yellow grey.


Janet explained that the liver being compromised would surely bring bad physical health and also depression.  I had never considered myself to be depressed but now realise that my whole ,entire body system was depressed both mentally and physically.


It set me off on a magical mystery tour!!    I became a herbalist and an aromatherapist and this is now my saviour with the help  of all involved in my continuing care.  


The purpose of this blog and my website is to try to share some of my findings and learn also from others.


For a while, during my recovery period I was volunteering at a Herbal Nursery.  What a beautiful place to spend an hour or two.  Andrea Hughes also does herbal workshops there.  That reminds me.... I must book one!!





Well....the work of the day is beckoning so I must away but not before I wish everyone an very healthy year ahead.  I look forward to chatting with all the lovely people I have met on all the Fibro, Lupus and Natural Health Groups and of course, not to forget all the lovely friends I have met at     https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tropic-Pure-Botanical-Skincare-Sussex-with-Karen-Hale/709816915712092?ref=hl


A truly healthy and nourishing range of beauty care!  How did I forget to include this till the last!!!  And please look as there is a really very genuine and good sale going on at the moment!


Take care all and I wish you all the very best of health.








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