March 2013

Posted on 26th March, 2013



Well I'm back in the land of the living.  Its been a rough winter for so many and we are still expecting more!!    Personally, not had a great winter.  Just been trying to keep a low profile so as not too go into another full blown flare. 


Time to come out of self imposed hibernation!


Just had news that I am now qualified as an aromatherapist.  Looking forward to completing a massage practical course and then all systems go!


Been working on a few ideas for natural cosmetics.  Dabbling with making my own moisturisers and lotion etc.  Great fun! and so easy really.  


How many of you guys out there would be interested if I were to do a few workshops?


We all know how harmful chemicals can be and it is so easy just to get  a few oils together and create tailor-made oils specifically for your own skin. Or, perhaps you need to make creams that tackle problems like excema or psoriasis.  Let me show you how you can help yourself.


Can you let me know if you would be up for a workshop?   I can get some idea of interest and hopefully plan this thing!


Hoping you guys are all doing well and have a good summer ahead! 


Take care!

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